Frequently Asked Questions

Our analysts make research, They analyze hundreds of stocks weekly, And your portfolio manager picks stocks from the reports that suit your investment risk and returns

Ideally, our stock portfolios are usually effectively diversified and we are looking into offering cryptocurrencies and bonds

We have a hurdle rate of 20% which means that We charge 20% of the interest realized at the end of the year only if we deliver over 20% interest on your portfolio and charge nothing if your portfolio underperforms that threshold. We also have a 2% management fee which is only activated if the portfolio outperforms the S&P500

For our annual funds, We have a minimum invested capital of $1000, while for our monthly fund, we have a minimum invested capital of $100

Yes, We also invest the firm’s funds together with investor’s funds.

We use Bamboo for now, however this may change if we find other platforms that charges less on commisions and also offers a good user experience.

 Our funds have a lockup period for one year.

We charge 40% of the accumulated interest on the invested capital if a premature withdrawal is requested.

Our broker partners have a partnership with a US brokerage firm, Drivewealth which insures our holdings by $100000.

All Investors get a monthly Portfolio Report. Moreso, You can also request for the fund’s progress from your Portfolio Manager at any point in time.

Returns on the stock markets are not guaranteed and in some undesirable situations the fund may have negative returns on investments. However, We try our best and ensure this unwanted situations doesn’t occur. We would also like you to note that if you don’t earn, we don’t earn.